• Rev. Joseph Benedict

    Rev. Joseph Benedict

    Rev. Joseph Benedict has been pastor of St. Joseph Cathedral Parish since July 2012.  Originally a native of New Mexico, he was ordained for the Diocese of San Jose in 1997 after completing studies at St. Patrick’s Seminary and University in Menlo Park. After serving at a number of parishes within the Diocese he completed doctoral studies in moral theology at Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley.  In addition to serving as pastor of St. Joseph he is director of the permanent deacon formation program.

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  • Fr. Héctor Villela-Huerta

    Fr. Héctor Villela-Huerta

    I am Father Héctor Matías Villela Huerta. I was born on August the 8th in Tierranueva in the State of San Luis Potosí, México.  A few months after I was born, I was brought to live here in San Jose. I received my First Holy Communion in St. Leo Parish and was in school here through 4th grade. Then my parents decided we should return to México and get to know the blessings, devotions and family there.  Presently, all my family is here in San Jose since the 90’s but I stayed behind in México because I was already enrolled in the seminary. I have three sisters, Elsa, Becky and Crystal, and a brother Rudy. It has been four years since my dad passed away but I still have my mother who continues to live in San Jose.  My studies were done at the Major Seminary of San Luis Potosí in México and I was ordained the 21st of June, 1997. So, that makes 20 years for me this year of priestly ministry.  A new facet of my ministry began on December 1st of 2014 when I arrived to San Jose to began an assignment at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish. I also have childhood memories of my dad bringing us to St. Joseph’s for Mass - it was not yet the Cathedral. Little did I know I would return to San José as a priest, much less as a parochial vicar at St. Joseph’s Cathedral. I am happy to be here in this new phase of my ministry.  I am hopeful that we can share in our faith and together grow in love for our God and for each other.  Blessings.

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  • Fr. Jeff Fernandez

    Fr. Jeff Fernandez

    I was ordained to the priesthood on June 7, 2014 in this Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph. My first parish assignment was at St. Francis of Assisi in the Evergreen area. This is my second parish assignment. I was born in Manila, Philippines  to Sesinando Q. Fernandez and Janet J. Fernandez, the eldest of five siblings. My family migrated to the United States in 1991. Since then we’ve resided here in San Jose. I had my primary and secondary schooling at St. Joseph’s Academy in Las Piñas City, home of the Bamboo Organ, enshrined in the parish church of St. Joseph.  I started college in Manila but was not able to finish because of us moving to the United States. I worked in the disk drive and electronic industry in the valley two weeks after our arrival while studying to finish my associate degree at Mission College in Santa Clara. I helped my family before finally deciding to pursue my vocation to the priesthood. I finished my Bachelors Degree in Philosophy and Divinity at St. Patrick’s Seminary and University, in Menlo Park. But since settling in San Jose, I have been a part of the life of the Diocese since 1993, serving in different capacities in the parishes of St. John the Baptist and St. Elizabeth in Milpitas. I have served since then as Episcopal Master of Ceremonies for Bishops DuMaine, McGrath and Daley. I belong to the third group of graduates of the Institute of Leadership in Ministry.  This is just a slice of my life. I am grateful to the Bishop for this new assignment at St. Joseph’s Cathedral Basilica parish and for the warm welcome from those I have already had the privilege to meet. I look forward to knowing the people of God in this parish community and sharing the gifts of God that I bring.  As we journey together in the Lord, keep me always in your prayers and rest assured of my prayers for you as we

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