Planning  a Loved One’s Funeral

For families who are planning a funeral during this time of sheltering in place with the rule of no more than 10 people allowed to gather in one place, we offer the service of live streaming the funeral to family members unable to attend in person.  Please let us know if this is an option you would like when contacting the cathedral.

As a family faces the difficult time of the loss of a loved one, our Consolation Ministry is available to help families with the planning and is present at the funeral Mass to guide the family during the liturgy.

When the family meets with the local funeral director, the scheduling of services with our parish will be a coordinated effort.  Our parish will assist loved ones with the planning of the liturgical details, such as the scripture readings and music. Loved ones are invited to participate in the proclamation of scripture and other moments in the funeral Mass as well as participate in choosing music selections. There is a customary honorarium for the Church and separately, stipends for musicians.  Our parish office can provide this information.

The Funeral Mass

The family may choose the biblical scripture that is proclaimed during the Liturgy of the Word in the funeral Mass. Should a family member or friend who is Catholic feel comfortable in proclaiming any of the selected scriptures, they are encouraged to do so. A collection of scripture passages is offered by our parish for the family to review.  The family will also have the opportunity to collaborate with the music director in developing a meaningful music plan for the Mass.

Catholic Cemeteries

Please consider burial of your loved ones at one of the Diocese of San Jose's Catholic Cemetery.

Owned and operated by the Diocese of San Jose, the Catholic Cemeteries have been serving the Bay Area for over a century. The Catholic Cemeteries provide a sacred place for committal with reverent care. It is a place where your family can remember deceased loved ones in a peaceful and hope-filled setting.

The Catholic Cemeteries Staff is committed to:

  • Serving families of the deceased with compassion
  • Treating all people with dignity and respect
  • Being sensitive to the diversity of culture and tradition surrounding death.

Visit our Catholic Cemeteries for burial. Call today for an appointment.