The Table of St. Joseph La Tavola di San Giuseppe, is a centuries old tradition dating back to the time of great poverty and famine in Sicily. During a time of great hunger, villagers turned to St. Joseph for assistance. Eventually rain fell and the fields yielded plenty of crops. In an act of thanksgiving, the people made an altar dedicated to St. Joseph and adorned it with food: grain, fruits, vegetables, pasta, seafood, and wine were placed on the altar. All who lived in the village were invited to the feast, especially the less fortunate. The feast was introduced to America during the migration of Southern Italians and Sicilians in the latter part of the 19th century. St. Joseph Cathedral Basilica hosts each year the feast of St. Joseph’s Table on March 19th. After the 12:05 Mass with our Bishop, all are invited to join in the festivities of the day by sharing a meal in Loyola Hall. This meal is free to all who wish to come in and truly share the spirit of La Tavola di San Giuseppe.