Dear Parishioners and Supporters of St. Joseph Cathedral Parish,

An essential element of Christianity is sharing our faith in and relationship with the person of Jesus Christ.  This sacred activity is the privilege of every disciple, the purpose of every parish, and the mission of the Church.  Each disciple communicates faith and shares his or her relationship with Jesus through a life reflecting Gospel values and communicating God’s compassionate mercy.  As a parish we share our faith as we gather to celebrate the sacraments, participate in religious formation processes, and engage in social outreach.  Parishes of the Diocese of San Jose the mission of the Church that is beyond the capacity of any one person or individual parish.

Each year the Diocese of San Jose invites every parish to support this mission through the Annual Diocesan Appeal.  The theme of this year’s ADA is “Hand in Hand in Ministry”.  The ADA supports diocesan initiatives, programs, and ministry to accomplish this goal.

The initiatives, programs and ministries of the Diocese of San Jose are essential to the proclamation of the Gospel and vital in addressing the needs of people throughout Santa Clara County.  The ADA helps fund the formation of lay and ordained leaders, outreach to marginalized and isolated persons, and supports the work of Bishop McGrath and Bishop Cantú.

We benefit directly as a parish through this campaign.  In addition to the subsidy we receive as the cathedral parish, twenty percent of my salary is subsidized for my work in the Chancery Office.  All funds raised above our goal are returned to the parish.  This year these funds will be used to begin an upgrade to LED lighting in the basilica and to offer scholarships for teenagers in the parish to participate in a confirmation retreat experience and the Diocesan Youth Retreat in Lake Tahoe next summer.

Our goal this year is $137,000.  Through your generosity we exceeded our goal last year.  Thank you!  I appeal to your generosity again this year.  I know that together we can meet and exceed this financial goal.  A concurrent goal of 100% participation will ensure our success.

Thank you for your ongoing generosity and the many ways you support St. Joseph Cathedral Parish and the Diocese of San Jose.

Rev. Joseph M. Benedict, S.T.D.