Seldom do we have the opportunity to be a part of history.  Our stained glass windows and Latin frieze on the ceiling will be celebrating their 135th birthday in 2014.

While minor repairs were accomplished during the renovation, they were not fully restored.  Major restoration of the windows is necessary to preserve them for future generations.

The cost to restore the 39 windows and script will be $20,000.00 each. St. Joseph is looking for parishioners, families and foundations that want to be part of history and sponsor the restoration. Like the families that originally commissioned the art 135 years ago, we have a unique opportunity to participate in preserving a significant piece of our Catholic heritage in downtown San Jose. Together we can raise the $20,000.00 for our window. Make checks or donations out to St. Joseph Foundation - Historical Art Fund. All donations are tax deductible. It is a great way to be a part of San Jose's future for generations to come. Click here to donate online to our Windows of Hope project.
39 Stained Glass Windows
There are a total of 39 stained glass windows throughout the Cathedral.

The most visible, are the 21 that surround the transept walls.

The 3 windows in the east wall of the east transept are new (installed in 1990).

The 18 primary windows vary in dates of installation from the late 1800s up to 1920.


  • The oldest window is that of St. Aloysius and it was made in Italy.
  • The second oldest honors St. Claude de la Colombiere also made in Italy.
  • The remaining 16 were created in Munich of fine mouth-blown Bavarian glass made by a formula that dates to the 11th century and are essentially "fade proof". Unfortunately, this art form is no longer practiced. Judge Myles P. O'Connor and his wife, Amanda, commissioned these windows while visiting in Bavaria.

 Parish families paid for the installation of them in memory of early settlers to the Santa Clara Valley who were patrons of St. Joseph's Church.  The 3 new windows are referred to as the "Devereaux Windows".  They were designed and executed by the Elizabeth Devereaux Stained Glass Studio of Fairfax, Ca and installed in 1990.